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Keli Meagher in a heart

I, like you, am on a path of spiritual awakening.

I was introduced to the Sophia Code® by my mentor a few years ago. I could see how much she and her life transformed after reading the book, so I dove in.

It was like learning a foreign language. I had to look up many of the words I was reading in the dictionary, including Sovereign Divinity. I read through it, page by page, feeling the inner stirrings calling me home.

I even got physically sick with a cold as a detox from one of the activations. I knew then, just how deep this book was really working me over, cell by cell.

I had the epiphany why the book was so foreign to me. It’s because we have had many lifetimes of conditioning that we are ”sinners”, so we don’t have a direct connection to God/Source/Sophia. This leaves us feeling unworthy, all the while having us live in fear, lack, and separation.

spiritual awakening

There is nothing further from the truth! The Sophia Code® is literally a living transmission, or like its author Kaia Ra calls it “lightening between two covers”. Just having The Sophia Code around in your home will activate you, but especially when you actually read it aloud.

This journey led me to the creation of the Tidal Wave of Love program. As I was going for a run one day and was asking the Divine/God/Universe “Is this Tidal Wave of Love a movement that needs to happen or is it just a crazy fantasy of mine?”

No sooner did I ask the question than I received my answer…I came across the word LOVE spelled out with rocks right there on the sidewalk!

How can I ignore that? I can’t! My divine life purpose is to inspire and empower people to step into living their lives from their heart, as we journey through the sacred text of The Sophia Code® together.

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My experience with Keli offering Teachings from the Sophia Code have been Life-changing 🌺 I feel through the teachings, That I could change deep patterning that keeps you in your small self and involve to a more centered happy state of Our Divine self 🌺 I will continue my Studies of Divine Self Love !!
Debby M.