Free SCJ Guided Meditation

Meditation for Daily Peace

FREE Guided Meditation for Daily Peace & Ease Manifesting

This Tidal Wave of Love Meditation is an invitation for you to remember who you are.

That your true nature is that of Love, Abundance, and Oneness with all that is.

We have been conditioned through years of programming that we are separate, that we are sinners, that we are unworthy, and that we are not enough. And nothing can be further from the TRUTH.

I see you in your suffering, I honor that perhaps that is what brought you here…

But are you ready and willing to let all the old stories go?

Are you ready to be reborn anew?

I want to remind you of your true essence… peace, love, abundance, oneness with all so that together we can create Heaven on Earth.

Now is the time… Today is the day.

Start each morning with this 13-minute meditation and notice how your day is filled with ease and grace.

The more times you drop into this meditation/ this sacred space, the more you will be able to come back to it naturally when life throws you off course. Life is full of initiations: it is how you ride the waves of change that makes all the difference.

Be A Ripple in the Tidal Wave of Love.
Blessings of Gratitude!

Half of a mandala

What they say

My experience with Keli offering Teachings from the Sophia Code have been Life-changing 🌺 I feel through the teachings, That I could change deep patterning that keeps you in your small self and involve to a more centered happy state of Our Divine self 🌺 I will continue my Studies of Divine Self Love !!
Debby M.