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Life is so full of uncertainty that it’s easy to get lost. When we hear about what’s happening in the world today, sometimes it feels like we’re in a very dark place that’s only getting darker.

It can be overwhelming to try to cope with life’s challenges while working or going to school, taking care of family, running errands, doing chores…when does it end? And where have you gone?

Sophia Circle Journeys are your opportunity to pause in the sweet stillness of your own sacred heart, listen, and be witnessed in your “Aha” moments.

It will help you discover the magnificent life you were meant to live and allow you to prosper in all ways.

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The Sophia Circle Journey is the trip of a lifetime and now is your time.

It is your time to shine your light, command miracles, and create “Heaven on Earth”.

All of humanity is waiting for you to take the first step and dive into the Sophia Code® with me by your side!

Join me for one of my Free Sophia Circles live on Zoom at 4pm PT/7pm ET the second Sunday of each month.

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About The Sophia Code®

Kaia Ra’s book, The Sophia Code®, is a love letter from Mother Sophia/Father Sophia. It is a living transmission which provides a blueprint on how to embody your Sovereign Divinity and claim your pure innocence.

It is a journey that continues to expand you every time you read it.

The Sophia Code® reminds you that you are a limitless being worthy of your heart’s greatest desires. Worthy of being seen, worthy of commanding miracles, and that you are sacred and holy, as is everyone and everything around you. It awakens your crystalline chromosomes.

If you have been wondering how to wake up without falling into a million pieces, then The Sophia Code® is your answer. It will turn on all the switches for you to start your journey of personal healing and transformation.

I am here, ready to grow with you side by side, experiencing The Sophia Code® together. I am here to create a sacred space and to witness you as you grow into your own communion with Sophia and your Higher Self. There is no final destination, but an ever-deepening connection to Sophia God, your Higher Self, and the Ascended Masters.

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What they say

The Sophia Circle Journey has been a journey into myself. Each week the Sophia Circle Journey offered words I didn’t know I needed, the circle has been a safe place to discuss my thoughts and feelings every step of the way. Some weeks feel like a warm hug while others feel like a stark kick
Tonia R.