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Come join me in a one-on-one session to gain clearer insight into your personal strengths and the divine Feminine wisdom you carry.

I see you. I honor you. I remember you. We have traveled this Earth many times together. With new insights come new solutions to create a New Earth.

Now is the lifetime to remember your brilliance and your strengths, so that you can embody more love and compassion for yourself and others.

We are the Change we want to see in the World. And all change starts in the inner planes of our Be-ing. Come with me to the Divine Mother’s Womb of No-thing so that you may be reborn anew.
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Half of a mandala

What they say

The Sophia Circle Journey has been a journey into myself. Each week the Sophia Circle Journey offered words I didn’t know I needed, the circle has been a safe place to discuss my thoughts and feelings every step of the way. Some weeks feel like a warm hug while others feel like a stark kick
Tonia R.