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Awakening Humanity One Loving Heart at a Time.

What if there was a way to transcend the loneliness, anxiety and overwhelm you feel? A way to do something meaningful about the divisiveness and violence in the world?

A way that YOU could discover your divine purpose and make a difference each and every day?

There is.

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Your Personal Journey Starts here…

Your heart is your power center. When you step into living your life from our heart, true miracles take place.

When you commit to being a ripple in the Tidal Wave of Love, your life will transform as you:

  • Discover your divine life purpose.
  • Manifest abundance to experience more joy in all areas of your life.
  • Feel oneness and connection to everyone and everything.
  • Enjoy peace, love, gratitude, and happiness as a part of your daily discipline.
  • Realize an inner sense of knowledge and intuition to cast aside doubt and fear.
  • Improve your overall health as restrictions and limitations fade away.
  • Discover a new sense of adventure and a zest for life.

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About Keli Meagher

I am here to create a sacred space and to witness you as you grow into your own communion with Sophia and your Higher Self.

I, like you, am on a path of personal enlightenment and spiritual awakening as we journey through the sacred text of The Sophia Code® together.

More About Keli

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The Sophia Code

The Sophia Code® is a living transmission that provides a blueprint on how to embody your Sovereign Divinity, claim your pure innocence and discover your divine life purpose.

It reminds you that you are a limitless being worthy of your heart’s greatest desires. The Sophia Code® is a journey that continues to expand you every time you read it.

Sophia Circle Journeys

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Life Transformation with Keli

Come join me in a one-on-one session to gain clearer insight into your personal strengths and the divine Feminine wisdom you carry.

I see you. I honor you. I remember you. We have traveled this Earth many times together. With new insights come new solutions to create a New Earth.

Now is the lifetime to remember your brilliance and your strengths, so that you can embody more love and compassion for yourself and others.

We are the Change we want to see in the World. And all change starts in the inner planes of our Be-ing. Come with me to the Divine Mother’s Womb of No-thing so that you may be reborn anew.

Book your One-on-One session with me today.

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What they say

In our busy two-dimensional world, we often don’t take time to stop and appreciate the promptings from the Sophia Dragon tribe that are always before us. Being part of the Sophia Circle Journey led by Keli was very grounding and rewarding because of the opportunity to connect at the Heart level with My Soul Sisters
Naomi D.