Your Camp Happiness

Camp Happiness

From the Mundane to the Magical

Is your heart heavy these days with all the turmoil in the world?
Are you experiencing inner turmoil as well?
Do you hear yourself asking, “There’s got to be more than this?”
Do you feel like you’re just getting by?
Do you hear the stirrings within, calling you home to remember who you are and how powerful you are?

You were born for these times!

You chose to be here on planet earth at these pivotal times so you can Be The LOVE You Wish To See in The World.

Can you feel it in your body that you are meant to rise, heal, awaken, and lead?

Are you longing for a deeper communion with yourself and others?

If you are a seeker of:

  • Embodying your sovereignty
  • Embodying your divine power, strength, and courage
  • Healing your heart
  • Prosperity for you and all others
  • A deep connection with yourself, others, and ALL that IS
  • Speaking your truth
  • Being Authentically you with no apologies
  • Leading a bliss filled life

Then join me on this 6-week journey as we move through the 5 elements of which we are all made of, in sacred circle.


Join Us

I am calling together my holy sisters to join me for a 6-week journey through the spiral of your rose heart, unfurling one petal at a time, so that every day you feel fulfilled, joyful, connected, supported, successful, and loved!Women have always come together to help raise one another’s children, during their moon cycle, gathering nuts and berries, creating things, and it’s always been together as a collective.

Sadly, we’ve gotten away from that.

Now is the time to Remember!

It is time to come together in Sisterhood and sacred circle. Together we are stronger, together we rise, together we heal, together we awaken, together we transform ourselves and our world.

When we come together in circle, magic and miracles prevail!

Rituals bring the sacred into the mundane of every-day life.

It’s time for us to fulfill our destiny!


5 Elements

We will explore ourselves and our connection through the 5 elements from which all of life is made from:

Week 1: The Element of Earth – We gather to get rooted in the support and safety of Mama Gaia, Mother Earth and to feel safe in our bodies.

Week 2: The Element of Air – We gather to breathe away any stuck emotions and unconscious patterns we have been holding in our bodies to feel lighter and more free.

Week 3: The Element of Fire – We gather to burn away any limiting beliefs around prosperity, happiness, creativity, and write new intentions for our new way of being in the world.

Week 4: The Element of Water – We gather to celebrate with Water to ask her to amplify our blessings, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The Great Communicator. Truth.

Week 5: The Element of Ether – We gather to set new intentions, celebrate our new vows of abundance in all areas of our lives and set them off into the cosmos to be reborn a new.

Week 6: We celebrate the Circle of Life. As we step into our power, prosperity, and true potential we rewrite our future timelines. We will feel into the ripple effect our 6 -week gathering will have in our own lives and all those around us. The Sacred Hoop, as we heal personally, we heal for All.


Heaven and Earth

We not only came here to create Heaven on Earth, we came here to BE Heaven on Earth!

We are not meant to sit idly by and let others determine our fate.

We are sovereign beings and it’s time for us to step up and lead with LOVE.
Be the LOVE.

You will emerge from our sacred journey more Radiant than ever before!

Let us gather and remember We Are Divinity in human form.

We will meet virtually for 6 weeks, start date is June 6th at 6:15pm PT. 
Each call will be approximately 1 hour.

Here are the dates of the live calls:

Week One “Earth” – June 6th at 6:15pm PT
Week Two “Air” – June 13th at 6:15pm PT
Week Three “Fire” – June 20th at 6:15pm PT
Week Four “Water” – June 27th at 6:15pm PT

No meeting on July 4th.

Week Five “Ether” – July 11th at 6:15pm PT
Week Six “Sacred Circle” is on July 18th at 6:15pm PT.

These Zoom calls will be recorded.

Love Exchange of $333


I welcome you into this powerful container of non-judgement, openness, love, nurturing, and support.

A place where you are allowed to Be it all and Feel it all without judgement.

You will be experiencing YOU in a whole new way 😊

Once you have completed your payment you will receive daily divine activations.

We will have a private Facebook page where we can share our insights as we move through our journey together.

If you feel you need some extra support, you may schedule an appointment with me here.

Half of a mandala

What they say

The Sophia Circle Journey has been a journey into myself. Each week the Sophia Circle Journey offered words I didn’t know I needed, the circle has been a safe place to discuss my thoughts and feelings every step of the way. Some weeks feel like a warm hug while others feel like a stark kick
Tonia R.