Join me every month for a Tidal Wave of Love Cacao Ceremony.

Life can be full of twists and turns, leaving us feeling constricted in fear and apprehension…

The medicine of Cacao is soft, gentle, and expansive. Cacao helps us open to our inner truth, our answers from within.

It is a superfood that has been used by Mayans in ceremony to connect with Mother Earth, Mother Cacao, our ancestors, our Higher Selves, and Sophia God.

Cacao ceremonies are becoming more mainstream as cacao invites us to be more grounded, to come up with new answers to age-old problems, and to drop us into our hearts.

A cacao ceremony is an invitation to quiet our minds and listen to our hearts.


Join me on the fourth Sunday of each month for a virtual Cacao Ceremony.

Each ceremony will have a theme.  The hour may be filled with dancing, singing, journaling, breathwork, and always, new insight.

A new perspective brought about by the medicine of cacao will bring clarity to your life allowing more ease and grace.

Cacao is chocolate before milk and sugar are added to it.  Milk prohibits the body from using the many nutrients of cacao, so it is best made with water or an alternative milk.

The Many Other Benefits to Cacao:

  • Cacao contains a “Bliss” molecule that enhances joy and enthusiasm for life.
  • It helps to open up your blood vessels allowing you to feel more alert.
  • Is loaded with over 200 antioxidants, which help to lower inflammation and improve gut health.

Not all ceremonial cacao is the same, that is why I choose Ora Cacao.  Consciously farmed, harvested, and purchased.

You can purchase your cacao through Ora Cacao – use the code LOVE4ALL to get a 5% discount. 


Half of a mandala

What they say

In our busy two-dimensional world, we often don’t take time to stop and appreciate the promptings from the Sophia Dragon tribe that are always before us. Being part of the Sophia Circle Journey led by Keli was very grounding and rewarding because of the opportunity to connect at the Heart level with My Soul Sisters
Naomi D.