Free Guided Meditation

Daily Peace Ease Manifesting

FREE Guided Meditation for Daily Peace & Ease Manifesting

Are you feeling the world is out of control with all the changes you are having to deal with?

We are indeed living in a challenging time, which is what compelled me to create this guided meditation.

If you are feeling any of these emotions right now…

  • Utterly overwhelmed,
  • Helpless about what you can do to change what you’re seeing in the world,
  • Isolated from being stuck at home or
  • Frustrated you are doing things you’d rather not be doing

…then this guided meditation was created for you.

Sign up below so you can set the tone every morning with this 13-minute meditation to best prepare you to go about your day with grace and ease.

Experience what it feels like to create an energy vibration at a sub-atomic level so you can enjoy inner peace and much more success in your life.

Imagine having everything come to you much easier;
to be at the right place at the right time, and
to no longer feel the stress, anxiety and overwhelm that has been overtaking your days.

Simply provide your name and email address below to receive instant access to this MP3 file you can download and save to your favorite device and start every day the best way possible.

Half of a mandala

What they say

My experience with Keli offering Teachings from the Sophia Code have been Life-changing 🌺 I feel through the teachings, That I could change deep patterning that keeps you in your small self and involve to a more centered happy state of Our Divine self 🌺 I will continue my Studies of Divine Self Love !!
Debby M.