1-on-1 Cacao Ceremony


A safe (virtual) space to feel into your beautiful body.

Cacao ceremony has become a centerpiece of our routine ritual for self renewal that keeps us centered, connected to our hearts, and living in a good way. Our process of working with cacao is interwoven with embodiment, creative expression, and many other healing modalities that guide us in navigating our own losses, pain, and suffering.

A One-on-One Tidal Wave of Love Cacao Ceremony is a one-hour ceremony where we come celebrate YOU and assist you in whatever area of life you’d like.

(Cost of Cacao separate)



In ceremony, we welcome home all the bits of ourselves we have left along the way to feel “whole” again. To feel “worthy”. To feel truly “seen” for who we are…a sacred being on a sacred journey. We are truly present for ourselves and in doing so, we come back to our daily life feeling lighter, more connected to our purpose and who we are, and ready for whatever “Next” is. We receive new answers to what is “Next,” that we may not have conceived of otherwise.

(Cost of Cacao separate)